Daisge {like beige with a "D"}. 18. Forever flower child. July 9. Aloha State. Cancer

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“The 60’s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great.” - Abbie Hoffman

So sad

ॐWandering Wolfॐ


The view from the tree-house at my parents house in northern Wisconsin. One fall I slept out here from October through mid-December. It is a wonderful feeling to fall asleep with a view out over the lake listening to the loons call.



    a titty pop out. still a good time every1 happy. a ballsack pop out. ref throwin flags, 2 nations declare war and ur dog dies

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    Why are guys so obsessed with their dicks? We’ll be like “Mothers have the right to breastfeed their baby in public!” And without fail, dudes chime in with, “Does that mean I can pull my dick out in public? Can I urinate in public?” Chill the fuck out. This isn’t about your dick. You are already allowed to have your nipples out in public, sit the fuck down.

    oh my GOD THANK YOU

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Successive Slidings of Pleasure (Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1974)